Premier accidental death insurance plan provisions

Before you apply for NASSP premier accidental death insurance you should know what is and isn’t covered under the plan. That’s why we recommend you familiarize yourself with the limitations and exclusions of the plan below. If you still have questions after reading this information, please call 1-866-365-3683.

Plan provisions

This plan provides accidental death insurance, which means benefits are paid when death occurs as a result of a covered accident. Rates are level and could only change if plan experience requires a change for all those insured.

Membership status

You may apply for this coverage if you are a member of NASSP or are the spouse or a domestic partner of an NASSP member. The member must maintain membership in NASSP to continue coverage.

Definition of “spouse”

“Spouse” is an eligible member’s lawful spouse.


Accidental death coverage is limited coverage. This means your coverage will provide benefits only when your death results, directly and independently from all other causes, from an accidental bodily injury which was unintended, unexpected and unforeseen. The bodily injury must be evidenced by a visible contusion or wound, except in the case of accidental drowning. The bodily injury must be the sole cause of death. The injury and accidental death must occur while your coverage is in force. Your death must occur within 90 days after the date of the accidental injury.


In no event will we pay the accidental death benefit where death is caused directly or indirectly by, results from, or there is contribution from, any of the following:

  • Self-inflicted injury or self destruction, whether sane or insane; or
  • Suicide or attempted suicide, whether sane or insane; or
  • Your participation in or your attempt to commit a crime, assault or felony, regardless of any legal proceedings thereto; or
  • Bodily or mental infirmity, illness or disease; or
  • The use of alcohol, drugs, medications, poisons, gases, fumes or other substances taken, absorbed, inhaled, ingested or injected, unless taken upon the advice of a licensed physician in the verifiably prescribed manner and dosage; or
  • Motor vehicle collision or accident where you are the operator of the motor vehicle and your blood alcohol level meets or exceeds the level at which intoxication is defined in the state where the collision or accident occurred, regardless of any legal proceedings thereto; or
  • Infection, other than infection occurring simultaneously with, and as a direct result of, the accidental injury; or
  • Medical or surgical treatment or diagnostic procedures or any resulting complications; or
  • Travel in or descent from any aircraft, except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial flight on a licensed passenger aircraft carrier; or
  • War or any act of war, whether declared or undeclared; or
  • Service in the military of any nation; or
  • Your participation in mountain climbing over 20,000 feet, rock climbing, scuba diving below 100 feet, scuba diving for the purpose of exploring caves or wrecks, parachute base jumping or acrobatic flying.

These are the standard exclusions for this insurance plan. Provisions in some states may vary. See your certificate of insurance for details.

Period of coverage

You may keep your coverage as long as you remain an NASSP member, pay your premiums when due, the group policy remains in force, and you are under the age of 70.

This Accidental Death insurance terminates on the premium due date next following your 70th birthday.

See the policy or certificate for plan specifics

In all cases, information included on this web site is intended as a general guide to the insurance coverage. If there are any differences between this web site and the policy or certificate, the policy and certificate govern. If any provision in the policy and certificate issued under the policy is in conflict with the laws of the state governing the policy or certificates, the provision will be deemed to be amended to conform to such laws.

Access application 

Premier accidental death insurance is offered under policy form series 05-80114, and any state variation thereof.