Enrolling as a new hire or newly eligible employee

The Employee Insurance division of Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) sends enrollment instructions for all insurance options to the employee's home. If you are interested in enrolling for any of the optional life insurance benefits, please follow these instructions.  After reviewing your coverage options follow the steps below to ensure you take advantage of your guaranteed enrollment opportunity and enroll in coverage.

Guaranteed enrollment opportunity

When an employee first becomes eligible for benefits in the State's Employee Group Insurance Plan, (SEGIP), they may enroll for guaranteed amounts of optional term life insurance without having to provide evidence of insurability as long as they enroll within the State's specified eligibility period. This means no health questions, no medical exams; you cannot be turned down.

  • Employees: Enroll up to an amount that is 2 times your base annual salary
  • Spouse: Enroll for either $5,000 or $10,000
  • Children: Enroll for $10,000

New hires must enroll within 35 days from their employment date. Employees who become eligible at a later date must enroll within 30 days of their employment status change date.  If you miss this one-time opportunity, future enrollment requests for employee or spouse optional life insurance will require evidence of insurability.

Do you need more than the "guaranteed" amount of coverage?

Life insurance coverage up to $500,000 is available for both you and your spouse. You can apply during your initial eligibility period or at any time of the year. Spouse insurance amounts can be more than the employee's amount.  Evidence of insurability will be required.  

How to enroll for more coverage

  • Step 1: Download, print and complete the Optional Application form indicating the type and amount of insurance you wish to apply for.  
  • Step 2: Submit your completed Optional Application to Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) whose address and fax number are shown at the bottom of the form. Employees can also submit the form to their Human Resource office who will forward it to MMB on their behalf.
  • Step 3: MMB will notify Securian's underwriting department of your application.
  • Step 4: Securian will send an evidence of insurability form, with instructions, to your home address. Learn about the medical underwriting process.  
  • Step 5: You and MMB will be notified by mail when your application for the additional coverage is approved or declined. If approved, MMB will take the appropriate steps to set up the payroll premium deduction. Coverage is not effective until Securian approves coverage and premium deductions are established.

If you have any questions, please contact Ochs, Inc. for assistance.