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First time user?

Getting into your account

The first time you log on to LifeBenefits, you'll need to spend a few minutes reading the terms of use and verifying your profile information. You can then change your password, enroll in logon help and, if applicable to your employer's plan, designate beneficiaries, complete evidence of insurability and apply for coverage. On future visits, you'll be brought directly to your welcome page.

Logging on to the LifeBenefits or LifeBenefitsExtra System

For employees, if your employer provides LifeBenefits access (not all do), there will be one of two methods chosen by your employer for you to log on to the site. All LifeBenefitsExtra users access the site by using an ID and password.

  1. Enter a User ID and password.

    If your plan is using this method, the User ID and password information was either mailed to you or provided to you by your company's human resources department.

    Access may not be available until all your information is received.

    Complete information about accessing LifeBenefits should be available to you in your enrollment materials.

    Forgot your User ID? Access User ID help.
    Forgot your password? Access password help.

    If you are unsure if you have access to LifeBenefits, please contact us.

    LifeBenefitsExtra users are provided their User ID and password either, from their LBE site administrator or Securian. Benefits representatives should contact the person in their office responsible for this relationship, or contact us for an ID.

  2. Access LifeBenefits through your company's benefits intranet site.

    Enter your company's benefits intranet site in your usual manner. A link to LifeBenefits will be provided on that site. No additional User ID or password is required.