Optional life insurance: How much insurance is available?

The VRS Optional Group Life insurance program provides an opportunity to purchase additional life insurance protection at attractive group rates. You can select coverage on yourself for an additional one, two, three or four times your salary (rounded to the next highest $1,000), up to a maximum of $750,000

Each option outlines the amount of coverage a member and the family receives.

  • As an employee, you may select coverage options for one, two, three or four times your salary (rounded to the next highest $1,000), up to a maximum of $750,000.
  • Your spouse can apply for half of the amount of your coverage, up to a maximum of $375,000.
  • Children’s coverage is based on the option the employee selects. The amount of insurance covers each eligible child.

How do I apply for optional life?

Just complete the Enrollment Application (VRS 39) and send it - if applicable - with the completed Evidence of Insurability form (VRS-32) to P.O. Box 1193, Richmond, VA 23218-1193.

If you apply for Optional Life within 31 days from the date of employment, you may receive all options, up to a maximum death benefit of $375,000, without providing evidence of good health. For State to State transfers, the first date of employment is date initially working for the State.

If you select an option that provides more than $375,000 of coverage, you’ll be required to submit an Evidence of Insurability form (VRS-32). Until coverage is approved, your coverage will be limited to the amount of the next-lowest option, not exceeding $375,000.

Likewise, your spouse is guaranteed for Option 1 (one-half of your salary) if he or she applies within 31 days after you first become eligible for Optional Life coverage. If you select Option 2, 3 or 4, your spouse will be asked to furnish Evidence of Insurability for Minnesota Life’s approval before he or she will be covered. If the Evidence of Insurability is not approved, your spouse will continue to be insured for the amount provided under Option 1 (one-half of your salary). If both you and your spouse are eligible for Optional Life as employees, you may not elect spouse coverage. Likewise, either you or your spouse, not both, may elect coverage for your children.

Child(ren) will receive coverage at the level corresponding to the option you select. Children’s coverage also does not require proof of insurability, if coverage is applied for within 31 days of them becoming eligible to be insured.

Application for Optional Life may also be made at any time beyond 31 days after either the employment date or eligibility date. Additional enrollment forms are also available through your benefits administrator or from Minnesota Life. Minnesota Life’s address is P.O. Box 1193, Richmond, VA 23218-1193. Or call 1-800-441-2258.




Insurance Amount


Insurance Amount


15 days to maximum age

Option 1 1x salary .5x Employee salary $10,000
Option 2 2x salary 1x Employee salary $10,000
Option 3 3x salary 1.5x Employee salary $20,000
Option 4 4x salary 2x Employee salary $30,000