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Terms of use

Minnesota Life and Securian Life require all users of this website to review the following provisions. By using the site you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

The terms of use may be updated or changed in the future. It is your responsibility to check the terms of use for new or changed items. You can review the most current terms of use by clicking on the terms of use hyperlink in the footer of every page.

Transaction confirmation

When you successfully submit a transaction, this website displays a confirmation page and we will send a confirmation email to the address you provided. You may want to print the web page or email for future reference. If you do not receive a confirmation page, your transaction might not have been submitted successfully.

You will be mailed written confirmation of the final status of your application within two business days after completion of the underwriting process unless a different period is stated.

Website availability

This website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, periodic required maintenance of the site may result in brief periods when the system is unavailable. We make every effort to perform maintenance during the night, but if the system is unavailable due to maintenance, a special message on the website will tell you so. If you see this message, please try accessing the site again later. If your request is urgent and you can't get through, remember you can always contact us by selecting contact us on our web site for phone numbers and available times.

Your connection to this Website

As with any web site, there will be times when you can't get through because of peak internet usage or difficulties that arise from your own computer. These types of problems are beyond our control, and we encourage you to keep trying. If your request is urgent and you can't get through, remember you may always contact Minnesota Life or Securian Life by selecting contact us on our website for phone numbers and available times.

Electronic signature requirements

Some transaction requests require an electronic signature which constitutes your written assent in accord with all applicable provisions of the policy and the prospectus (if applicable). For the purposes of this website, your agreement to the terms found in the Electronic Signature section of this website followed by your submission of information constitutes your electronic signature. By affixing an electronic signature to a document, you agree to be bound in every respect as if you had affixed your handwritten signature to the document. Your electronic signature will be requested prior to submitting any transaction. After submitting the transaction, you will be able to view and print the recorded transaction. You understand that to access the website and retain records of your transactions on this website, you must have access to the internet and meet minimum system requirements . You may ask Minnesota Life or Securian Life to withdraw your ability to utilize an electronic signature or to provide a paper copy of your transactions at no charge. You may review the security measures used to protect the information contained in your electronic signature at any time. To make these requests, please contact us.

Policy provisions and procedures

This web site provides a summary of plan provisions and procedures related to the insurance policy issued by Minnesota Life or Securian Life, and to any certificates related to that policy. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this web site and the policy and/or certificate, the policy and/or certificate shall dictate the coverage and procedures. For purposes of this paragraph, the terms "policy," "certificate," and "certificates" include any related riders, supplements or amendments.

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